Chiropractic Care After Motor Vehicle Accidents by Pasadena Chiropractor

It’s a fact of life – at some point, all of us will be involved in some type of motor vehicle accident. Congested roads, inattentive drivers, the sun’s glare – each of these contribute to thousands of crashes every year. And in 2017, the list of distractions is even greater: Smart phones, tablets, car GPS systems, smart watches and even virtual reality headsets, drivers must be even more aware of their surroundings, says Pasadena Chiropractor. After an accident, you may feel fine. Over time, however, pain and stiffness in the back and neck can cause you to miss work and stop doing the activities you enjoy. Chiropractic care is a proven way of reducing or eliminating pain, letting you live your life more fully after a car accident. Below, The Joint - Pasadena East will share their thoughts on chiropractic care for vehicular accidents. Back and Neck Injuries from Car AccidentsThe healthy human back and neck are designed to allow flexibility, support, and range of motion. In motor vehi…

Effect of Posture on Strength

Recent chiropractic research has indicated that one’s posture has strong influences in how a person perceives happiness, strength, mood, and confidence. When a person feels good, his or her posture tends to be upright and in alignment. If a person is feeling down or depressed, that posture can slump, leading to other health effects. A powerful stance projects strength, and by standing with proper posture, many people feel stronger as a result. Pain on PostureThink about the effect of pain on posture. When we are in pain, we may not be able to stand upright or move as freely as we would like. This creates a strain on the ligaments and joints of our bodies, aggravating existing pain and even giving rise to new pain. So, the pain creates a cascading effect that can influence one’s mood as well as his or her overall perception of health. Being pain-free can allow a person to maintain proper posture and alignment. As a pain management tool, chiropractic care can reduce or eliminate pain the…